What is a GROOVE class?


Apart from being extremely EASY and ridiculously good FUN, a Groove class is a great way to get active, release energy and dance for the HEALTH of it!


In a Groove class you will learn EASY and FUN moves to a variety of different styles of music – from Hip Hop, Urban, House, Bollywood, Latin, Funk, African, Jazz, Contemporary and more! The difference to other dance classes is that a Groove class allows you to dance the moves in YOUR own unique way.  In other words, you CANNOT get it wrong!   It doesn’t matter what foot you’re on and the more DIFFERENT you look to everyone else the better. And with only two or three moves per piece of music, you REALLY get into the music and dance in a way that feels good for YOUR body!


Get your Groove on as you develop functional strength, increase your cardiovascular endurance, improve your flexibility, balance and coordination and reduce stress.


No dance experience required – when you Groove you simply get to move, YOUR way!




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